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With more than 20 years experience in making all kinds of wooden manufactures, having

    education in wood industry and also being completely familiar with engineer drawings,

perspectives and layouts, we claim that we have the ability to make, repair and paint all kinds

of wooden furnitures for bedrooms, dinning and living rooms, bathroom and kitchens.


   if you want to change the design of your room

  • if you get bored of your furnitures and you are looking for something special

  • if your furniture need repairing and you don’t wish to replace it

  • if you cant use ready made furnitures,doors or windows for your place because it is not of standard size

  • if your property needs renovation or it full feels the necessary standard conditions to be expanded by adding an extension room to it

We are here just email us or call us and we will set up a date to see your job.

Be sure that your job will be done perfectly.

Serving greater London